Artist statement

I rather let the process of painting lead me than start working on a specific idea. I enjoy the physical experience as my hands travel on the canvas and the paint finds its paths.

A painting is like a familiar body, in its form representing something universal, yet unique. This body, with this exact way of being, in this very moment. Loneliness is our fate as human beings. It is not possible to maintain the symbiosis between a mother and a child, as it is equally impossible to truly become one with your lover. It is the same sort of solitude that I experience with my paintings. As much as they are a part of me, I have to let them go eventually. As the painting process moves forth, they become more and more independent, asking for a name of their own.

Like a dream on the edge of awakening, my paintings are floating the fine line between abstract and figurative. The form is there but refusing to be seen. The harder you try to grasp it, the quicker it escapes. 



Emmi Kallio

Born: 1981 Mänttä, Finland
Lives and works: Tampere, Finland

Solo Exhibitions
Upcoming: 2018 ARTag Gallery, Helsinki
2017 Juhlien jälkeen tulee aina aamu, ARTag Gallery, Helsinki
2016 Juhlien jälkeen tulee aina aamu, Gallery Rajatila, Tampere
2016 Maalauksia, Galleria 2, Pirkkala
2015 Vuorovedoin (with Aino Autere), Gallery Rajatila, Tampere
2015 Älä ota kesäkissaa, Kissakahvila Purnauskis, Tampere
2014 Ihmisiä ja muita eläimiä (with Anna Pekkala), Pekilo, Mänttä
2014 Älä ota kesäkissaa, Book Café Gallery, Turku
2013 Koditon (with Tarleena Öhman), Ikuinen Gallery, Tampere

Group Exhibitions
Upcoming: 2018 Kananlihalla, Voipaala Art Centre, Sääksmäki
Upcoming: 2017 Kananlihalla, Poriginal Gallery, Pori
Upcoming: 2017 Uusin silmin, Art Center Mältinranta, Tampere
2016 Kartanoise, Lielahti Mansion, Tampere
2016 Kaikki hyvin, Art Center Mältinranta, Tampere
2016 Naiset jotka ovat, Aarght by Marita Kouhia Gallery, Helsinki
2015 Pintaa syvemmälle, Annual Exhibition of the Union of Finnish Art Associations, Seinäjoki Art Hall
2015 Akvarellitila 2, 6th Triennial of Pirkanmaa, Tampere
2015 Sketchbooks, Mediapolis, Tampere
2014 Art Squatters, World of Tango, Tampere
2014 Punaista ja makeaa, Voipaala Art Centre, Sääksmäki
2013 Squat Morkku, Tampere
2013 So Happy/So Sad, Katko Gallery, Tampere
2013 Minä olen täällä!/I am here!, Ikuinen Gallery, Tampere
2013 Kekri, Hirvitalo Center of Contemporary art Pispala, Tampere
2013 K12, Ikuinen Gallery, Tampere

Public Works
10-12/2016 Salaseura (Anne Järvi, Emmi Kallio, Niina Kiiveri), Sampola library, Tampere
27.8.2016 Salaseura (Anne Järvi, Emmi Kallio, Niina Kiiveri), Tulli Block Party, Tampere
12.9.2015 Salaseura (Anne Järvi, Emmi Kallio, Niina Kiiveri), Magical Theatre MMXV, Lielahti Mansion, Tampere
6.8.2015 Salaseura (Anne Järvi, Emmi Kallio, Niina Kiiveri), Hämeenpuisto Esplanade & Gallery Rajatila, Tampere
2015- Älä ota kesäkissaa, Kuninkaankatu, Tampere Salaseura (Anne Järvi, Emmi Kallio, Niina Kiiveri), Tulli Block Party, Tampere

2016 Bachelor of Fine Arts, Tampere University of Applied Sciences
2013 Master of Social Sciences, University of Tampere
2011 Master of Arts, University of Jyväskylä
2009 Bachelor of Media and Arts, Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences

2017- Finnish Painters' Union
2016- Tampere Artists' Association
2015- Prosessigalleria
2014- Rajataide Association

Other Activities
2016- Rajataide Association Board member
2016- Rajataide Association Publicist
2015- Gallery Rajatila, gallery committee
2015-2016 1/2-lehti Magazine, editorial staff
2012-2016 Ikuinen Gallery, gallery committee

2016 C.V. Åkerlund Foundation
2016 The Arts Council of Pirkanmaa
2015 Myrsky Grant, The Finnish Children and Youth Foundation



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